About Us



Zinni Family Practice is a privately owned practice offering primary care services. Our company is located in Canfield, Ohio, and is owned and managed by 2 professional nurse practitioners with a combined experience of more than 7 years.

Meet Our Certified Staff

Elizabeth Zinni

Elizabeth joined her father, Dr. Gregory Zinni, MD, in 2005, creating the family operated practice. Dr. Zinni had owned and operated the practice solely since 1985. Together, the two sought ways to care for their community in a more personal and approachable manner. Elizabeth graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from The Ohio State University. She began her nursing career in the medical ICU at Ohio State, where she gained the knowledge of complex medical conditions and their treatments. She then moved back to her hometown, and started working in the Emergency Department at Mercy Hospital in Boardman. There, she began making connections with local providers, and gained the skill set required to quickly and effectively care for patients. While working in the ER, Elizabeth obtained her Master’s Degree in nursing from Ohio University, specializing in family medicine. She is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She joined her father in 2005, and has been collaborating with him since, providing for and managing their large patient base. Her local roots and nursing background have set her apart from most providers- in that she sets to create personal relationships with her patients while providing excellent medical care. She is focused on putting her patients and their needs first, something she quickly learned from her father. She plans to continue this personal approach to medical care by remaining independently owned.

Joey Annichine

Joey and Elizabeth met working alongside each other in the Emergency Department. Joey obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Ohio University . Joey worked as an ER nurse for 10 years. Joey and Elizabeth had always shared similar goals, in providing excellent care to their local community. Joey then obtained her master’s degree in Nursing specializing in family medicine from Youngstown State University. She began her NP career in the emergency room in 2018, caring for critical patients and providing urgent services. It is here that she gained her skill set in rapidly identifying the medical needs of various patients and perfected her critical thinking skills. She, too, sought to have a more personal and long-term relationship with her patients. Her college, Elizabeth, reached out to her and asked her to join their team at Zinni Family Practice. She started with Zinni Family Practice in 2019 and is excited about transitioning into her role as a full-time FNP serving the Canfield area.

Our Founder

Dr. Gregory S. Zinni

It is with deep sympathy that we want to notify our patients of Dr. Gregory Zinni’s sudden passing January 9th, 2021. Our hearts are broken, but we as family will get through this. Please know that Elizabeth and Joey will continue carrying diligently for Dr. Zinni’s patients. He will never be replaced but his legacy will certainly live on.


Dr. Zinni is the founder of Zinni Family Practice. Greg earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Cincinnati and went on to receive his Medical Doctorate from The Ohio State University School of Medicine in 1982. In 1985, Greg took over the practice of Dr. Jack Schreiber and has been at his privately owned practice in Canfield for over 30 years.
Since 2015, he treasured the opportunity to work alongside his daughter, Elizabeth, in the practice. It is with great solace that Dr. Zinni was able to leave his legacy in her passionate hands along with the care of his devoted and loyal employees. Greg truly adored caring for others and loved each and every one of his patients as if they were family.